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Latest Machines For Sale

Listed below is a selection of used machinery we currently have available. Click on a machine for further details or contact us for pricing and information.

All machines are offered subject to not already being sold. Please click here for important information about buying used machinery from Tecnico Solutions.

Buhrs BB300 - Ref: TEC10916
Buhrs BB300
Buhrs BB300 AT25 Feeders
Buhrs BB300 Feeders
Buhrs BB300 - Ref: TEC10917
Buhrs BB300 Kern 4300
Pitney Bowes FX10F - Ref: TEC10918
Pitney Bowes FX10F
Bell & Howell Vitesse - Ref:TEC10919
Bell & Howell Jumbo Vitesse
KAS Mailwrap - Ref: TEC10920
KAS Mailwrap
Refurbished Buhrs - Ref: TEC/10921R
Buhrs BB300
VDUi Verification Sys - Ref: TEC10922
Buhrs BB300
iMail Inserter + VAF - Ref: TEC10923
Buhrs BB300
Duplo Ultra UV Coater - Ref: TEC10924
Buhrs BB300
Axode 60 Cameras - Ref: TEC10925
Buhrs BB300
Buhrs BB700 - Ref: TEC10926
Buhrs BB300
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