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We specialise in the refurbishment and recommissioning of a wide range of print, post press and mail room equipment.


We believe in providing effective, low cost, quality solutions and the best way to achieve this is by ensuring you get the best from your existing commercial printing and mailing equipment.

Machinery refurbishment provides you with the opportunity to reinstate your existing equipment to its full operating potential at a fraction of the cost of buying new, or even second hand.

We offer a variety of flexible machinery refurbishment solutions tailored specifically for your requirements from a basic strip, clean and lube to a comprehensive rebuild program.

Our refurbishment work includes:


  • Full strip down and professional clean. All of our cleaning is done by hand using component friendly cleaning products & materials

  • Bearings, belts, shafts and main chains are checked for damage or wear and replaced where necessary

  • Electrical system including connections, cables, wires, safety switches and sensors are checked, tested and replaced/repaired where necessary

  • All mechanical working components such as feeders and inserter modules are stripped down, rebuilt and repainted where necessary

  • All machine panels, main frames are cleaned, repaired, powder coated and repainted where necessary

  • All perspex machine covers are replaced with new

  • Vacuum pumps are fully tested and refurbished replacing filters and carbon vanes

  • Decommissioning, transport, installation and training can all be included in the package

  • Health and safety inspection, testing and risk assessments undertaken during and upon completion of work as standard

All of our refurbishment work has your peace of mind built in as it is undertaken with due consideration of international ISO standards for quality, environmental and health & safety and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. 

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