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Kern 3600

The Kern 3600 is the high-performance inserting system for the transactional market with very high processing volumes up to (27 k).

Kern 3600

The Kern 3600 is characterised by its efficiency and productivity, very high reliability and simple intuitive operation. The various configuration options make it the ideal system for use in the transactional market.

An automated input module (continuous stack, roll) ensures efficient paper feeding. When the application is changed, the corresponding unit is automatically moved to the desired new position. With this function, changeover times are reduced to a minimum when changing applications. Thanks to its modular design, the Kern 3600 can be combined and equipped with a wide variety of modules, whether it’s endless from a reel with the Kern 996 high-performance cutter or as a single sheet in combination with the Kern 971 single-sheet feeder.

The Kern 3600 is equipped with a 4-pocket folding unit. Due to the unique folding system, practically all conceivable types of folds can be executed. The system can be equipped with up to 12 feeding stations. The Kern 3600 is designed to process all formats with a maximum output of 27,000 insertions per hour. The continuously variable speed adjustment allows optimum adaptation to the processing conditions.

At the machine exit, it is possible to complete the system with the Print@Exit inkjet printing system or a mailbox system.

As with all Kern inserting systems, the handling of the Kern 3600 is simple and easy to understand. Wherever necessary, the operator of the system is supported with pictures and graphics on the screen. This means that interventions in the system can be carried out very quickly and in a targeted manner. Like all other systems in the Kern product family, the Kern 3600 can also be integrated into higher-level workflow systems thanks to the complete ADF integration (mailFactory©).