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Kern 3200 Force

The Kern 3200 force is a modular multi-format inserting system that is the ideal solution for flexible and complex inserting jobs in the medium output range (18 k).

Kern 3200 Force

The Kern 3200 force is characterised by its modularity, maximum flexibility, very high reliability and simple intuitive operation. Thanks to the various configuration options, it is suitable for use in the transactional and direct mail markets as well as in letter shops.

At the centre of the system is the newly developed inserting module. The inserter is the only system in this performance class that can be equipped with more than one envelope magazine. With this one-of-a-kind concept, the system can process different envelopes job by job without the operator having to make a physical change. Together with the automatic settings, downtimes during a job change are reduced to an absolute minimum. Additional diverting options allow the machine to reject incorrect documents and envelopes without the machine having to stop and the operator having to intervene. All these new features enable uninterrupted processing at the highest level.

Another highlight of the system is the already well-proven system channel that combines the functions grouping (top / bottom), folding (4-pocket folding unit), rotating (right or left) and turning (by 180°). This makes it possible to process all common types of applications (whether folded or unfolded).

Thanks to its modular construction, the Kern 3200 force can be combined and equipped with a wide variety of modules, whether it’s endless from a roll with the Kern 996 high-performance cutter or a single sheet in combination with the Kern 971 single-sheet feeder. The possibility of integrating up to 16 inserting stations is particularly noteworthy. Friction feeders and rotary feeders can be combined.

In addition, customers can also book an upgrade at short-term notice in times of high-performance capacities, in the sense of "speed as a service", so that customers can be even more flexible with their Kern system in terms of processing.

The system is controlled via a central touch panel. The necessary information is displayed to the operator in text and graphic form. At the machine output, the system can be equipped with the inkjet printing system Print@Exit. Like all the other systems in the Kern product family, the Kern 3200 force can also be integrated into comprehensive workflow systems thanks to its complete ADF integration (mailFactory©).